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Our site regularly appears within the top three positions in all the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) when searching for freight forwarders. Try it for yourself to confirm the value of membership of this Directory.

Business Leads
We regularly receive over 300 requests a month for quotations from businesses and individuals who have needs for freight forwarding services. These are solid leads for valuable business opportunities. Look at these requests for quotation which we received in a recent month and you will understand why we believe that these leads represent your best effort to expand your business and increase your profit.

The leads are filtered into (1) Shipments within US only, (2) Shipments between USA and other countries and (3) Shipments not involving USA. You select the group(s) of leads you wish to receive. The cost is a low flat fee of US$200.00 for three months. You receive leads from all the three groups and there is no set up fee. To subscribe to receive leads, please complete this simple form.

Directory Listing
At your request, we now offer "DeLuxe Listing" which includes company description and a list of services you offer. This will allow your company to be searched, and found easily. It has hyperlinks to your email address and website so that visitors can contact you with a click of the mouse. We believe that you will find this to be the most cost effective advertisement for your company. See a sample and provide us with your company details by completing this form. The cost is US$150.00 per year.

Special Offer
which includes:

  1. A deluxe listing, complete with company description and a list of services you offer, and has hyperlinks to your email and website. This will allow your company to be searched, found and contacted easily.
  2. Free business leads for business expansion and extra profit. We presently receive over 120 rates requests each month from importers, exporters, manufacturers, traders and individuals.
  3. Free website hosting, with your own website address: As part of a comprehensive directory, there is no more effective location on the Internet to host your website at zero cost.
This special package is offered at $600.00 a year.
To take advantage of this special offer, please complete the registration form.

We design and maintain websites. Websites can be state of the art technically and graphically. We however believe that for a business website to be effective, it must contain useful information, easy to navigate, invite interaction from the public, and not too slow. We offer both virtual domain ( and as part of the directory ( Contact us for a free consultation and a firm quotation with no obligations.

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